Werner J. Meinhold


Werner J. Meinhold (*April 1st 1944 – †October 17th 2019)Professional of the Year 2005 / The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopaedia.

  • Professional of the Year 2005 / The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopaedia.
  • He was named the world’s best hypnotherapist on the Internet in 2010, with the
    “Great Handbook of Hypnosis” as the best professional hypnosis manual. In March
    2013, his new book was published, “The Little Handbook of Hypnosis – Or the Dream
    of Consciousness”
  • Founder of *H.I.T.T.® (Hypno-Integrative and Depth Psychological Therapy).

Vita in short form

  • Study of fine arts (symbolism, surrealism, history of art), guest lecturer in
  • Study trips with his brother on all continents to explore shamanic, hypnotic and folk
    medicine practices and rituals.
  • Stay of several years in Latin America. Shamanic initiations in Asia & South America.
    Acupuncture training in Hong Kong; Naturopathy training at the UDH Stuttgart.
  • Alternative practitioner since 1975. Naturopath Switzerland 1985
  • Individual trainings with different healers worldwide, hypnosis training especially
    with Prof. Dietrich Langen.
  • Psychotherapeutic trainings from 1976-1989 at ÖCATAP/Austria.
  • Medical advanced trainings 1976-1990 at the International Medical Association
  • 8th Dance Alive Specialist (York-University, Toronto, Langen Institute, Monheim).
  • Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Professional College of Psychotherapy and
    Clinical Hypnosis (PCPCH/USA)


Focuses in practice and research are:

  • Hypnology, especially the self-developed Hypno-Integrative Depth Psychological
    Therapy (*H.I.T.T.®), which combines hypnology, depth psychology and a sense-
    oriented holistic view of the world and the human being (body-soul-mind).
  • Reincarnation therapy, on which extensive research has been done and historically
    verified with the ZDF.
  • Alchemical medicine; magnetopathy (mesmerism).

Lectures, seminars and training guides:

  • Germany, Ecuador, Guatemala, Italy, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Netherlands, Austria,
    Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, USA, Egypt.
  • In 2000, at the elite University San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) Ecuador, within the
    framework of the Studium generale, a chair was established for the procedure of
    depth psychological psychotherapy in hypnosis.
  • Contributions in the international press, radio and television.
  • Author and editor of several specialized books (partly translated into 5 languages)
  • Author of more than 100 professional articles in professional journals and general press.
  • Honorary president of the International Society for Integrative Depth PsychologyTherapy in Hypnosis and Hypnosis Research (I-GTH/INFIDEPTH), with national societies and affiliations in Germany, Ecuador, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, others in formation.
  • Honorary President of the German Society for Therapeutic Hypnosis and Hypnosis Research (GTH).
  • Former director of the Harmonie 1782 Society (Mesmer Society for Spiritual Healing).
  • Founder of the international seminar congresses of the GTH/I-GTH on the subject of body/soul/spirit medicine in Meersburg Castle/Lake Constance (since 1991).


* H.I.T.T.® = registered trademark of Werner J. Meinhold, owned by the international GTH

* H.I.T.T.® = Hypno-Integrative Depth Psychological Therapy