The last Farewell of Werner J. Meinhold

The last Farewell of Werner J. Meinhold

Concerned and in mourning we inform you that our Mentor, Teacher and Friend Werner J. Meinhold left us  on Thursday 17.10.2019 shortly after 8:00 PM.

In of Werner J. Meinhold’s writings on the topic “What to do with the pain of death”, he starts with Novalis quote: 

“Learn to grasp the meaning of death
And find the word of life”

In this text, he wrote about the different religions and philosophies and how they deal with the topic of death. A topic which affrays many people worldwide, since we do not know what happens after this life. Nobody has returned from it to tell us, thus the unknown remains. This, way too often leads to pain and sorrow and the not truly understanding what it really means.

Quoting Meinhold, from the same text:

“The loving acceptance of the death of a loved one is surely the hardest work of love, but that is why the love of a man should include his death, which also belongs to him spiritually, even if he came too early for our wishes and expectations. In other words, every human being has his own individual death, just as all other individual qualities or important events in his life history belong to his individual existence. So it’s about lovingly letting go of the deceased. Love proves to be especially powerful there, where it is able to include the difficult to accept.”

Werner J. Meinhold has left us a wonderful therapeutic method, the H.I. T. T. ®, yet more than that, he has also taught us to love him as the human being that he was. He taught us that in therapy of course we are therapists, accompanying our patients with their problems and symptoms, still the main thing was and is always to remember, that we are and remain authentic human beings in the first place and we reach out to our patients as authentic human beings, in their essence, where death is part of life, as much as life is a part of death.
Thus it is in Consciousness, Freedom and Love that we thank him for what he brought into this world and which made it richer for all of us.

Our sincere condolences and our deepest sympathy apply Andrea Röss, the relatives and all people close to him.

Burial ceremony will take place on Tuesday October 22nd at 13.30h at the “Neue Friedhof Gersbach”, in Germany, close to Pirmasens.  

In loving acceptance for his departure

Intenational GTH and all of country GTH members worldwide.