The I GTH was founded in 1997. Bases on which the IGTH builds, regarding content-related, organizational and publicoriented levels, were laid down predominantly in the statutes of the German Society for Hypnosis and Hypnosis Research e.V. (GTH), founded in 1981.

Internationally recognized Conventions of the GTH took place once a year in Meersburg at Lake Constance, as well as training seminars of the GTH such as the ones organized at the Psychiatric Day Clinic of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (Poland) and in Quito (Ecuador), constituted a large part of the core scientific activities of the Society.

The basic scientific work was largely supported by daily practice encounters with people who, with the help of integrative and depth psychological hypnosis, sought and found alleviation of their sufferings or freedom from them at a physical or emotional level.

The IGTH was founded in order to address tasks which are becoming increasingly extensive and urgent in the international arena. To cite some: Education, information and investigation.

In September 1999 the GTH Poland (GTH PL) was founded as the second national society. This in the frame of a long cooperation, leading to a professional and human union with the “German-Polish Society for mental health” and the “International medical working community”, documents in a special way the integrative spirit of a historical reconciliation. A spirit, which underlines the self-understanding of the method represented by GTH in the application of the life history of each individual human being.

In 1999 the GTH Ecuador was established as the next national society, followed by GTH Switzerland in 2001.